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Dec 12, 2019

Three Libraries' Faculty Win Awards

Yasmeen Shorish was nominated and received the 2020 JMU Madison Scholars Award. Recipients of this award exemplify excellence and scholarly achievement in their respective disciplines. They will also present a lecture on their area of expertise during the academic year. Yasmeen is the first faculty member from the Libraries to receive this award.

Kelly Giles was nominated and received the 2020 JMU Distinguished Service Award. The Distinguished Service Award was established to recognize a faculty member who provides exceptional professional-related service at the university, local and national levels.

Christie Liu received a Research and Scholarship Outstanding Faculty award at the Noftsinger Celebration of Madison Scholarship & Recognition Reception. This recognition of “excellence in scholarship and instructional design for open educational resources” was nominated by the Libraries and the collaborative faculty, Dr. Liz Johnson from the JMU Department of Geology and Environmental Science, and reviewed from the four areas of Teaching and Engagement, Scholarship, Service, and Mentoring by an interdisciplinary review committee.

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